Brimfield Grub – May 2019 Edition

Today I shared on Instagram that there would be a healthy new food option at Black Swan Meadows at the May show next week. The Green Lunch Cantina is going to serve a healthy take on street food on compostable plates and I’m going to be checking it out asap! Definitely stay tuned for some live videos showcasing the full menu and the food. 

But it also got me thinking that I haven’t done a post on food for a while. So for those of you who are new to the show or even some dealers who don’t get a chance to stray too far from their booth, here are some of my suggestions for the best food at the show. I will edit this with any new info I find out about when the show opens on Tuesday!

There are two foods the show is known for and they are as good as people say. The first are Faddy’s Donuts. Seriously, you have to try them and you won’t be disappointed. They changed locations last year. You can now find them on the opposite side of the street in front of Auction Acres (formerly J&Js). 

The second is the Pilgrim Sandwich. It’s Thanksgiving between two pieces of bread and it’s worth the long line that will most likely form on the busier days. Or bring some heavy snacks so you can eat lunch later on in the day when the lunch rush is over. If you have never had one it is definitely a must have iconic Brimfield lunch. 

Another favorite of mine has been around for quite a while now. Say Cheese Food Trailer makes to die for gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. The Figgin’ Goat (goat cheese, fig, and arugula) is as good as it sounds. So is the Pickle Back. And The Wedge. And pretty much anything else the chef (our friend Teri) blesses us all with. It’s another one with long lines at lunch time but totally worth it. 

And in the past few years, Teri and her mom have also been operating a second truck that serves their family’s fried rice recipe. I can’t get enough of it. It’s not greasy at all. Has fresh veggies, bacon, fried egg. Yum!

Before I share another one of my favorites, I need you to keep in mind that I eat 2-3 meals a day at the show 7 days in a row 3 times a year. So I get a chance to try everything! And a girl has to eat. So do my kids!

This next one might surprise you because it does’t sound all that exciting. But I highly recommend Ye Old Boiled Potatoes. If you are thinking “Why would I want to eat boiled potatoes when there are so many other options?” Let me tell you why. Two reasons: butter and bacon. And apparently the potatoes are boiled in salt water for a really long time. I’m not really sure what the whole story is but they are beyond delicious and I regret all the years I passed on by and didn’t try them! And if the weather is going to be on the cooler side they are a perfect warm dish. I’ll try to get a photo of them next week. 

Now, if you want something really simple and quick you can’t beat a hot dog from Sylvia’s Hot Dog Stand. Grab one with your favorite toppings on your way by and keep shopping!

The App kids enjoying some of Sylvia’s Hot Dogs!

If you are trying to eat healthy it might seem like you are in the wrong place. But there are some pretty good options mixed in between the fried oreos and other fair type foods. I mentioned the Green Lunch Cantina at Black Swan Meadows already but here are a few other suggestions. The Pilgrim Sandwich truck has a veggie wrap that’s delicious. Jen’s Snack Truck near the entrance to Quaker Acres has a really good grilled chicken and spinach wrap. I’m also very excited that Holyoke Hummus will be at Central Park (across from the main food court with the oversized umbrellas that you can’t miss) for the first time next week. I haven’t tried their food yet, but they were voted best food truck in Western Mass and their menu looks great!

A little over a month ago I started eating gluten free. I know there are probably many of you that are gluten free too. Some of the foods I’ve already mentioned are good GF options. Say Cheese does have GF bread and the fried rice can be made GF as well. Another quick option is to grab a GF pizza from Vinny’s Pizza in the main food court. The owners are the nicest people and they have GF members of their family so they take all the precautions to prepare GF pies. Their regular pizza is really good too! And as an ex New Yorker, I don’t say that lightly!

And ff you are down towards the Eastern end of the show (closer to the church) you can find GF options at Diane’s Villa Nova food truck which is right when you turn into Shelton’s field. They are a family run business and have a restaurant 10 minutes away in Holland, MA. Both the restaurant and the food truck serve GF food. (P.S. if you are headed to Holland on your way out of town – a good way to get to Route 84 avoiding Sturbridge – you should definitely hit up Holland’s Maine Attraction for dinner or an ice cream with a nice view of the lake!)

And finally, after a long day of shopping, reward yourself with a drink at the Brimfield Winery and Cidery at Auction Acres. They have a beautiful beer and wine garden on the side of the big red barn. They’ve got afternoon shade and live music most nights and on hot days you can treat yourself to a wine slushie!  Open 11-6 daily during shows. 

I hope you found some of these suggestions helpful. We definitely want to hear what your favorite foods at the show are too. Share them in the comments and if you post any of your food on Instagram, use #Brimfieldeats so we see them!

Happy shopping! Enjoy #thebrimfieldexperience!


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