Pre-Show Update: September 2015

Next week will mark our sixth show since starting the app. That is a big deal to us because from the beginning we always said “let’s just give it six shows.” The last year and a half have not gone as we expected. There have been lots of twists and turns. We’ve had times we wanted to give up and times we felt like like we were almost at a tipping point. Going into this show, it’s safe to say things are looking up! 

Here are some things we want everyone to know about next week’s show:

Wilma is coming back to the show!

Our newly-renovated vintage camper made her first 
Brimfield appearance at the July 2015 show. 
Our vintage camper will serve as our base of operations for another show. In July we had a great spot on Hertan’s. We loved being there and enjoyed the shade, the friendly atmosphere and the best port-a-potties in Brimfield. We can’t thank Dave Lamberto enough for his generosity and everything he does to run such a well-managed field but also his leadership within the Brimfield Promoter’s Association which helps the entire show. He has been one of our biggest supporters and we really appreciate it.

But for the September show, we will be setting up on the Central Park field in a prime shopping area!  This will give the app a lot of visibility. We expect it to increase downloads and give us an opportunity to meet and talk to many more users. We love the idea of being right in the middle of all the action. And on a personal note, since I’m on no sugar/low carb health kick I’m super pumped that we will be right next to Hearty Eats and BTs Smokehouse all week!

Opening day is a little extra special for us this year!

Charlotte’s first day of pre-school is Tuesday September 8th. Of course it is, right? And of course she only needs to go for one hour in the middle of the morning! Some things take precedent over Brimfield though, and this is definitely one of them. I’m so excited for her and also an emotional wreck about the whole thing. Wish us luck!

Charlotte back in 2013. She has been to every Brimfield since she 
was born! I even found out I was pregnant with her at the show! 

We are now partnered with! is the premier Brimfield website with millions of hits per year. It is the leading online source of information about the antique show. The site is now helping to promote the app by recommending it to readers as an excellent resource for navigating the show and as a way to find specific items and dealers. We are so excited about this and have already seen a significant impact to our site traffic from this. It’s a win-win for everyone!

A new version of the iPhone app is now available!

The new version fixed a few bugs, added a link to our Instagram gallery, made some cosmetic changes to dealer listings, put search results in alphabetical order and added our contact info. We are very happy with our iOS developer/coder after a horrible experience with our previous one earlier this year. It’s such a relief to work with someone who is professional and responsive! Sadly however, we are now 5 for 5 with developers committing to fixing the Android version, supposedly working on it for weeks, and then disappearing off the face of the earth. So Android users, please bear with us as we continue working to improve it. A little over 80% of our downloads/users are on iPhones, so that has always been our priority but we are determined to have a bug-free Android version by May.

So that’s a little bit about what’s happening on our end of things. I know many of you are equally busy with Brimfield prep, back to school and Labor Day activities. We are looking forward to a really strong show and keeping our fingers crossed for some cooler weather next week!

See you soon and thanks for following!
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  1. Hi Kaitlin,

    I really enjoy your blog. Your description of Brimfield was spot on. Do you know about the big 5th Anniversary of Sage Farm's Autumn Spectacular here in NH?
    Its being held at the Rocheser Fair grounds in NH on Oct. 2-4. Please check out their web site. My shop- Olde Towne Hall antiques is seing up there along with about 100 other dealers. The look and feel is very similar to the VB show- in fact has a lot of the same dealers. Then I hope you can stop and visit my group dealer shop.

    • Thanks so much, Natalie! We are actually hoping to attend both the Vintage Bazaar and the Sage Farm show this Fall. We know Sharyl because of Brimfield and they have always had listing in the app for their spaces there. It will be nice to attend some shows where we don't have to work and when it's not 90 degrees! I hope to see you there!

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