About Us

In 2014 my husband Ryan and I developed the Brimfield Flea Finder app specifically for the Brimfield Antiques and Collectible Show that takes place in Brimfield, MA three times a year. If you are reading this blog, you probably just refer to it as “Brimfield.” If you are locals (like us) you almost definitely just call it “the flea market.”
Brimfield has been a part of our lives as far back as we can remember. Locals either love it or hate it. We definitely love it!  I have fond memories of working at Heart of the Mart as a teenager scooping ice cream, making sandwiches and parking cars.  Ryan sold corn on the cob at the Brimfield Barn and filmed stories on the show for our community access channel as part of his high school internship.  When we lived in NYC for eight years after college, the show was still something we came up for and showed it off to our friends.  My parents are dealers and have been setting up at the show for many years and we would always spend a lot of our time there helping them, “shopping” at their booth and our kids have spent countless hours there. 

This blog will be our way of sharing some of our journey with you: adventures in Brimfield as we use new technology to connect buyers and sellers, detailed antique dealer profiles, home decorating with flea market finds, and whatever else gets thrown our way!